General Election India 2014 using Social media and Apps : Way to Better India

Its 2014, a big year for democratic India as this year General Lok Sabha Elections is going to be held to form next Indian government. As we all know what importance does elections have in democratic India, it gives an ultimate power to public to choose their favourite ruling candidate/party. 

What important role elections do play? 

Every person has right to choose one of selected candidates for their region and thus on a larger note, government of India forms take control of country for next five year session. Hence a simple citizen part in formation of government.
Why people do not interested in voting? 

Well, there might be several reasons, some of them (which may be the important ones) I can figure out here:

1. Lack of knowledge: People do not have proper knowledge about their rights, candidates or parties, background, vision, working tactics of parties from their region. 

2. Unable to caste vote: There are millions of people who work away from their native places hence they cannot reach at the polling day and also they have less knowledge of candidates and work done in their area so they can not truly predict who to choose so it seems impossible. The major quantity of these people is from Indian Military who worked miles and miles away from their home and worked away mostly throughout the year. That’s why Indian Military always supported online polling by which they can also use their right of voting. 

3. Not interested in politics: One of the favourite reason why people do not vote, here seems some reasons which cause him to feel not interested or to do vote: 
  • Not satisfied with the work of ruling parties earlier in his area 
  • He doesn’t think so he will be an impact in result on such a larger scale 
  • He feels afraid to stand on his side which might be against his local society

How social media and apps can help to cure this problem? 

Well, we are living in full of technology era, in every home you can find a mobile/tablet/PC as world is now easier to connect and to explore with social media and mobile apps. Here are some points which can be beneficial with general election using social media and apps: 

1. A person can search about the candidates or parties from his region with just a single click or swipe. One person can easily discover latest articles, speeches, visions of his favourite or non favourite parties can make up his mind on the basis of facts not just by the influence. So this thing can remove the problem with people who do not vote due to the lack of knowledge.

2. A person can vote from anywhere just by authenticating his login credentials and also can share his views or disbeliefs with his friends or family is he wants. So use of social media and mobile apps also remove the problem of those people who can’t vote because they are far away from their native places.

3. One person can do a little bit of search about historic background and future vision of candidates/parties from his region and ask himself, what really makes a difference? He can compare results and statistics and can easily set up his view about what will be effect of his voting in formation of government.

Why should people do vote?

It’s a tricky question and there are several ideas and views already by experts and related people but here I can only figure out some points why should people do vote: 

1. We buy daily needed stuffs like oil, soap etc from private firms, what we do: pay, what we get: service. If we are not satisfied with our current product what we do, we do think of switching product; then why do we not desire to play a role in formation of Indian government which do the same for us.

2. “Only those people have rights to ask who have contributed.” If we cannot contribute then what right we have to point out on any mishaps or something else in government. What right we have to blame government for not working and impacts like inflation, Unemployment which directly affects us somewhere. So let’s contribute and be a part of better and developed India.

How can social media and apps useful for a better voting experience?

It’s easy to use, easy to explore information about parties and candidates, easy to maintain and most of us it gives a unique identification to voting which is a symbol of changing and developing India.

What does India need, a unique citizen voting authentication, better and user-friendly voting and online polling environment, single click/swipe information explorer which can be provided by the use of social media and mobile application in General Election 2014 India.

So let’s do play a part in a better India and be a cause of developing India and use our right to question about us The Indians.

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