Recharge your hair, Recharge your life !!

“Di, where are you, Di?” I shouted as I was home, throwing my bag on the bed and rested on it searching for my laptop. 

“What happened? Kyu poora ghar sar pe utha ke rakh rakha hai?” Di replied as she entered into the room. 

“Look at this Di, my classmate told me about this, there is a contest ongoing on IndiBlogger entitled ‘Recharge your hair, Recharge your life’. She wanted me to write about this, I laughed a lot till I got an ache in my stomach and made fun of her. I will write over this, huh! I am a boy, how could she expect me to write over such a girly thing?” 

“What a nonsense! Who said this is a girly thing, don’t you have hair? I think it is good topic to discuss.” 

“You think so because you’re a girl Di, I am a boy and you know very well how boys hate this makeup and all… we just want to play and do mess up our hair, it’s not a big issues for us, who cares about looks. But girls are like ‘oh what done to my hairs, I am looking junglee!’ you can’t expect us to do all these things.” 

“Haha... what an argument in defense of you guys, reality is that you boys are too lazy to do all these things, so in reality you have turned from that cheeku meeku kids in childhood into junglees.” 

“Well Di, I am not going into any argument, I just know that I am not going to write this over my blog otherwise what my friends will say?” 

“Since when you started caring about what people say? Look, let’s view from a different angle, suppose you’re at railway station and you’re thirsty, you just go to a shop and ask for a water bottle. The shopkeeper pointed out the chamber of water bottles, there are only two bottles left, both of same purified water and company but on one bottle there is a bit shrinkage from front and has a little dust on it. Now which bottle you would choose?” 

“Hmm the one without shrinkage” I replied. 

“Why? Doesn’t the same thing apply on human looks too? Doesn’t matter boy or girl, looking pretty is no harm.” Di asked and suggested. 

“Hmm that’s okay Di, but how can we say recharging hair is something like recharging life?” I asked being puzzled.

“Well, I am not sure but I would say hair is most noticing part in human looks like you go for a haircut and when you returned, you feel renowned, isn’t it? Suppose you’re at age of 40, how would you like to see yourself, a baldie? No na, so here we can say hair define looks most precisely. Hmm.. In case of girls they do feel necessity of different hairstyles to look different. Now let’s take an another example, you watched that movie ‘Naseeb Apna Apna’ of Rishi Kapoor, how ironically heroine turned into a beautiful diva from an ignored village girl and her husband started to love her. Isn’t that the power of recharging hair? And sometimes like whenever you go somewhere like on a trip or doing your lab work etc, keeping safety of your hair is no deal in loss.” 

“Hmm, I never think from that point of view and it made me struck minded about my views on this topic. Wow Di, very thanks for suggesting and guiding me, now I am going to write over this on my blog, big big thank you.” I thanked Di. 

“Oh never mind, you are always welcome my cheeku meeku and who knows may be your classmate just loved your post and praise you.” Di teased me. 

 “Oh Di, come on, not again please!!” I said as I again started looking for my laptop for writing. 

This post is written for the contest ‘Recharge your hair, Recharge your life’ by IndiBlogger and sponsored by Sunsilk.



  1. Your didi is very intelligent :)

    All the best fr the contest and pls do check out my entry toot :)

    1. Haha.. :P Characters are fictious Canary :)
      Well, very thanks and all the best to you too :)

  2. Well written.. All the best for the contest :-)..

    Here goes my entry..


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