Happy New Year 2016... Bye Bye 2015

Another year is just about to past... Well for me this year was special as it was silver jubilee for me and here I am who is just scribbling my second post this year I think; that’s so lazy of me.

Hmmm let’s take a rewind of this year, anything new – perhaps no is the correct answer. Did I learn anything new – perhaps no this time too... 

I was thinking that way too but there were surely the persons who made me learns something not new but to master more keenly into whatever I am going into.

The biggest finding for me this year was meeting of our beloved Physics sir from whom I got a chance to learn dedication towards our work. One more finding as a friend in the form of Manish Mishra... 

Started this year by joining Dhenkanal students who were brilliant actually, so here it is the rewind of my year 2015 in the form of best, good and not that so good moments (I’ll not call them bad).

Not so good moments:
Obviously the  biggest loss is living dur bahut dur of family
Vidaai from Raju sir.. He was such a nice person to talk with 
Thoda bahut workload.. well that is caused by my laziness and carelessness
Meri khushi ka kharab hona.. khuda jaane kab theek hogi wo 
No improvement in Odia... Dhikkar hai ab to
Not khara utarna sometimes on bachchon ki ummeedon par.. chahe cricket ya computers...
Lab ka ab tak ulta seedha pada hona
Worldcup me SA ka naa jeetna 
Last but not the least A huge loss in the form of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam true inspiration for everyone

Good moments:
Visiting so many places on the name of official visits especially Vizag and Kolkata
Badminton clashes with KC, Muskan, Trilochan, Mihir and my favourite scoreboard Aryan
Learning volley tricks from 12th guys
Bring on top of RAMAN every week... this is hilarious
Shifting house to a new place
Playing good knocks with Sidharth, Bobby , Narayan and many more in Jubilee and Children’s park and yes those outswingers too...
 Best movie watched: Bajarangi Bhaijaan and best song this year: Tu Jo Mila and Zindagi Kuch To Bata
To some level hi sahi but working of interactive boards
Birthday celebration arranged by 11th students.. that was fab...
Teacher’s day celebration by 10th students that was superb
Night out with Deepak and Kapil sir
Our Annual Day celebration was wonderful
Inter-house competitions somehow I see excitement of participating amongst students
Unlimited random khusiyan which I have found raoming here and there
Oh yes, a whole new series of questions questions playing between me and swapnita
Beholding the night sky with full of stars
Chhoti moti fights and lots of inspiration from Kapil sir and many more.....

Best moments:
Visiting and admiring first time the sea.. Athah it was
Exploring some untouched areas of Himachal.. that was divining
Getting selected and attending the biggest blogging conference ever
Good performance by students especially Asutosh Haritha Pratyasha Bhawana Roshit Soumyajit Adesh Madhusmita and Yes Dhenkanal students too 
Hitting 32 in an over especially last ball flick that went over to huge
Hitting continuous four sixes on four balls
Meeting new people as always 

So thanks to you who just survived a sachin mania of about 3 minutes.. I know there are many more things which can be described but I think its ok to be selfish sometimes and describe about yourself too... So Bye Bye 2015 and Wish you all A very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

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