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5 most inspiring people I've met in my life

Here I am going to introduce the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life, what makes them different? Their perception, skills, nature, consistency or what else… Though it’s very difficult to analyze anyone’s personality, yet I am trying to elaborate their qualities at a single place.  My Grandfather (Nanu): Why nanu? I was grown up watching him helping others without any greed or self-advantage, though he has to suffer it later in his life. Just because in this world people will never care for you according to your need, they just care only up to their needs. The one thing that inspired me about him is his concern for health; he is a yoga master, very disciplined about fitness, so he looks great even in his old age..!! Guru (Manish Agrawal): Oh this guy, I’ve learned a lot from him, the one thing is his nature, his attitude towards concepts, he is so straight forward and has a unique attitude… no matter he has done his homework about problem or not but he always has a bett