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What is Planet Scribble?

Planet means a world, Scribble means writing something as it comes to mind, that result this blog into a new world of random thoughts, yes no limitations, no boundaries, just random thoughts whatever those are; or maybe you can say it is a bunch of madness, knowledge, emotions perhaps.

What made this title?

When I decided to write something, first I start to write in my diary, after some days when I traversed back my diary I found it was a bunch of thoughts as they come to mind, my some friends encouraged me to write over a blog, so I planned to create a blog, but what should be title of my blog, then I thought of a blog which consist my madness of writing, so I chose scribble as my blog’s title, but this was not enough for Google, so started looking for another word which make sense to my writing, then suddenly a thought stroked my mind why not create a new world of yours, hence Planet Scribble was selected as title of the blog.

What can be found here?

So let me explore what Planet Scribble has for you, what can be found into this new world, it has some oceans of feelings, some grounds of knowledge, some mountains of fictions, forests of views and there are some rivers of dreams too which flow like they want to complete their journey as soon as possible. In this planet, all these rivers, mountains, forests, oceans and grounds lie in some countries which can be explore as follows:

Random Thoughts: In this country you find the true scribbles, madness writing, and some that is done without thinking. This section also has some writing based on events, dreams or thoughts totally depend on whatever comes to mind that moment.

Poetry: This lovable country consist emotions, feelings with rhymes. This section has poems with different aspects of life, nature, moments, memoirs and whatever tuckles to my mind that moment.

Short-Stories: This section is inspired from fiction and creativity revolves around different happenings around society converted into a story some related to personal life and some about others. In this section I mainly try to enhance my writing skills towards storytelling.

Memoirs: This is the portrait of past into scribbles, my memories some sweet some sour, some confessions, past visits exploring different shades of my lifes into small rhymes or articles.

Shared or Reviewed Post: This section of blog mainly deals with sharing and reviewing articles,  statements, some myths, hoaxes, views about any technology, any news, axioms, algorithms stuff. In this country usually you will find my point of view about anything that attracts me.

Contests' Entries: In this section you will find my entries for the different blogging contests in blogosphere. These contests generally  organized by IndiBlogger and Blogadda.

In the end

In this blog I will try to make my best during writing, mostly I write myself, but sometimes I shared some articles or I needed to retrieve information from somewhere, so I give proper credits to the source.
This is my request to blog readers; visit, read and enjoy, you can share but please give a credit to Planet Scribble. Copying without credits or without informing author is strictly prohibited.

Enjoy reading, Thank you :)


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