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Winning is not everything, It is the only thing !!

Winning is the word we listen daily, think and plan about it, our fast running life revolves around this word; everyone here and there is running in some competitions or preparing to do so; everyone wants to win but what actually the meaning of word ‘winning’ is and where lies it’s worth? Winning is totally subjective thing and it differs person to person as it might be very crucial to win a race for an athlete while it meant to be life for someone to save his love or clearing his exams. 'Winning to me is not to stop trying.' “Most people give up just when they are about to win, they quit on one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown.”   ~ Ross Perot   Ingredients for recipe named “Winning”  As we all know what winning takes: discipline, self confidence, strong will power, talent and lots of hard work but there are some other ingredients which will affect the results and enhance the probability of winning.  1) De

Nokia IndiBlogger meet: Your Wish My App Season 2

I was so excited to attend the event as soon as I registered for this one; this was my second bloggers meet and first to a kind of technology based. I was expecting a super fun evening with lots of innovation and it came with none less than what I expected. The show began with an introductory presentation which illustrates what Indians are actually capable of, wonderful app ideas and Nokia making them into reality. Thoughts turning into reality?   As an engineering student with computer science, I thought most of the ideas will be only about system navigation, application interface and social networking blah blah blah, but the ideas proved me wrong. As the name suggests “Your Wish My App” whatever comes to your mind or whatever you need will be converted into reality. Nokia representatives described the importance of innovative thoughts of Indians and what could we achieve together. I was just shocked by the responsive success of “Your Wish My App Season-1” held at Ba