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DID IndiBlogger Meet - Women Safety : Jyoti Bane Jwala

Dance India Dance is India’s best dancing show and it has brightened out many of our favorite dancing stars. This time Dance India Dance is coming with “Dance It Out” theme for its next season “Dance India Dance Season 4”. DID with IndiBlogger bring us a wonderful evening “DID IndiBlogger Meet”, as soon as I registered for this meet, I was very excited to attend this.

It was my first meet of IndiBlogger and was wow fantastic, experience was just awesome. It was the evening that brought up a great excitement for all NCR bloggers as Dance India Dance came with IndiBlogger.

It was warm welcome to all bloggers by organizing committee, there were also some great fun games there for networking purpose; but soon after the main show began, here welcome Master Feroz Khan and Master Muddassar Khan (judges of DID 4). They won our hearts by their splendid performances, and after that they introduced ‘what is it about DID this season.

The theme for this season of Dance India Dance is “Dance It Out” f…

Fifteen minutes delayed..

Sitting at the bench
Waiting for the train
Ears looking for announcement
But it is fifteen minutes delayed

Those fifteen minutes
Too hard to survive
Why waiting so boring
Especially when you have to see her

Yes, she is coming Allahabad
Her hometown to meet her parents
At the festive of Durgashtami
But what am doing there, I asked me

I was here to see her, her cute smile
Her innocent face after a long while
Yet she told me not to come
But it was matter to see my love

Finally train arrived
I started looking for her
We met for merely two minutes
But those were priceless moments

She went to her home soon
So I backed to my room
Felling free to fly around with love
Waiting for such fifteen minutes more to come

Dedicated to my friend and his love :)


Fundas of life I have figured out yet

Most of the time whenever I visit and read at web, several people are looking for some success mantras, life fundamentals and such things, I would like to say all of them that this life is yours, make your own fundas for a better life and surely for a better world too.

Yet I have figured out my basic ideal quotes for life, I would like to illustrate them here, please have a look.

1) Smooth roads never make good drivers. If you fall, you hurt but it is good; you better try harder because there is no other joy like succeeding after failure.

2) It is very hard to be compatible with both relational life and practical life. It is like a balance, if you press at one, another one automatically started drifting apart from you; as the world is going to be more practical, be with it on the way.

3) Time is an ultimate thing and it is limited. Start changing with the time otherwise time has a superpower to change you drastically. Do whatever you think is best because either you fly or drown, life al…