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Today is your day...

Hey, Today is your day You've got things to do; places to go Because yesterday's gone and tomorrow's far away But today, you'll take that road the one that excites you You'll take it, if there is not one; you'll make it Today you'll abandon all reasons and explore the unknown You'll write your own story and watch it unfold  You'll speak a new language and hear it echo Today, you'll make conversations with the wind  And find silence in the mountains You'll dance with the earth and course through trails You'll count stars and be outnumbered by clouds  Today you'll be a giant  You'll be a million wildebeests on a rampage You'll hear your heartbeat like a drum And feel your breath in an instant Today you'll find strength and yet be humbled Today you won't just live, You'll come alive..!! Courtesy: Wildcraft India Shared by Sachin