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Waqt ki chheetein

अनजाने बनते चले हैं मेरे जानने वाले कैसे समझाऊँ उन्हें जो बनते मेरे चाहने वाले जिद छोटी सी जीने की है मेरी अपनी तरह दुनिया की बनी बनाई लकीरों को कैसे अपना लूँ इस तरह वजूद मेरा जवाब मांगता है ख्वाब मेरा जवाब मांगता है अपनी राह पर ही रहना खुद रास्ता जवाब मांगता है दोस्ती निभा न सकूँगा रिश्ते निभा न सकूँगा दिल लेने देने की बात तो दूर खुद से वादा शायद निभा न सकूँगा माफी की क्या उम्मीद करूँ गलती तो बहुत सी होंगी किसी राह पर चल निकला हूँ वरना उम्मीदें तो मुझसे भी बहुत सी होंगी अकेलापन डसता था कभी कभी डरता था खोने से खुद को पर समझाना ही था यूं काम न चलेगा रोने से अनजाने समंदर मे अकेले नाविक की तरह चल निकला हूँ किस ओर क्या पता किसी के सवालों का क्या जवाब दूँ कि जाना कहाँ क्या मंज़िल इसका पैगाम उन्हे क्या दूँ इतना समझ लो कि बस अभी तो नाव को खेना है वक़्त को छीटों को सहते सहते हौले हौले आगे बढ़ना है || Little bit inspired from "Waqt aane pe bata denge tujhe ae aasmaan, hum abhi se kya batayein kya hamare dil mein hai" (Sachin)

Review: The One You Cannot Have

Yesterday I completed latest novel "The One You Cannot Have" by +Preeti Shenoy  , yet I ordered it a little bit late but I was lucky enough to have author signed copy; I completed the whole in three or four sittings only despite having a busy schedule. This book have something which revolves around feeling engaged with urgh to having one again in your life which you cannot have.  This is story of Aman and Shruti, once they were madly in love with each other, they meant the whole world to each other, yet their life goes on different paths, yet after two years they find the pain in their heart of not having with one another. Shruti was married to Rishabh according to the will of her parents, who is a nice guy; circumstances changes and they both find their marriage at the verge of an end. On other hand, Aman engaged himself into excessive workload trying to forget Shruti, yet he is not capable of that; returned to India and met Anjali who make him laugh once again

वक़्त को गुज़रते

सोच रहा हूँ कि वक़्त के इन अलसाये  अलसाये लम्हों से चुरा लूँ वक़्त ज़रा सा उकेरूँ नए शब्द कागज़ पर ज़ी लूँ ज़रा ख्वाबों को सोचता हूँ भर दूँ उनमें नया रंग ज़रा सा नव जग के नव कण की नयीं आशाएँ पाऊँ हट कर प्राचीरता से सोचूँ कुछ तो नया ज़रा सा ज़िंदगी के कैनवास पर बिखरे हैं हजारों रंग रुकूँ समझूँ देखूँ थोड़ी देर वक़्त को गुजरते ज़रा सा !!    (Sachin)

Don't Think: Varun Agarwal of Alma Mater @ NEXTBIGWHAT #Startuproots

I was doing daily stuffs like news checking etc on my facebook news feed, there was a video shared by a friend, which is a conference of Varun Agrawal, "Failed in Engineering, owner of million dollar company", I was quite fasinated by the video, not only the video is inspiring but it has some points which really made me to think about our conventional ways. Don't Think Looking horrible, how can a person do stop thinking, afterall he is human, he all wants his safety, he always think about the situation to place him on a safer side. But that's not the point of Varun about thinking, he said that from the childhood we have learnt a simple thing, think before you do; well that's ok but what if we only thinking about our problems, solutions, situations etc, meanwhile somewhere we stop one thing " Doing act ". Yes that's the point, if you have any idea then just don't think about it, it's circumtances, it's situations or whatever, just

Let me fly...

An appeal to parents by their child, I scribbled it in my own way to my parents, please have a look: Let me fly fly around the globe fly till the sky fly till I can But keep an eye don't let me fell down otherwise I will be shattered and broken down Just make sure I belong to roots hold me like a kite instruct me as it suits I promise I will prove my worth to the world I'll never make you feel low will stand for you every time I know I have to return after the flight I have to keep my promise but let me have little sunlight I'll make sure that we'll walk together down the valleys and top of the hills I will hold you in every bad of your life from early morning dawn to the late midnight..!! (Sachin)

introvert or extrovert ??

A big question to me, as I am supposed to be a frank guy to my friends a shy guy to strangers, isn't it awkward to see a person first time and you just started to talk like you have known him for years. As it looks funny to you, but sometimes I am really confused whether should I started a conversation or just stay calm. We all know words are the most powerful weapon to express yourself, many people also say that, just say it out man, whatever you think at least you will be free, but still I think it's not right to say anything without sensing the situation, but sometimes time past by and I was still sensing the situation, yaar what to do ? What kind of my nature, am I an introvert or extrovert ? I think I am still thinking about the situation in this question, isn't it ?   ( Sachin)

A few dew droplets...

Sometimes whenever I Look back at the portraits That past has scribbled Earlier into my life Look at that cycle I used to have one My only property then Here I go there I come How could I forget My first video game The joy of playing with Will never be the same Don’t know where I Lost my first notepad I wrote everything Funny, happy or sad For saying these were My mere childhood assets But they refresh me like Morning dew droplets…!! ( Sachin)

The end of an era, Thankyou Sachin, We'll miss you :'(

The joy of Cricket died today inside me as the Master said goodbye to 22 yard pitch. Well it was a wonderful journey and we all know that, but one thing is for sure, he was a complete role model to me, great and humble person and the way he gave us so much happiness, we just can say “Thank You Sachin” As a little tribute I would like to dedicate a little scribble for him “He is just like a morning walk for me, whenever I see him batting, I always wanted that shot in my batting too or I would be thinking what should be the bowl that will miss this charismatic shot, his inning just not make me wonder and happy but also encouraging me to think deeply about my Cricket. Once Sachin said that Cricket is like oxygen for him, well he was the oxygen of cricket. Some might be thinking what so great about him he is just a sportsperson, so many of others are also there who are equally or greater ambassador of their game, but this guy was really able to stop India when he was batting. He h

My first Liebster award

This is my first liebster award which  +Karanvir Kour (K2) has shared with me, thanks a lot Karan to give me this opportunity by which I can connect to many new bloggers and as well as can know my fellow bloggers more.  What is Liebster award? Liebster award is set to be given to new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is an appreciation by fellow bloggers and a great chance to introduce you to other awesome bloggers. What are expectations from you when you’re shared with award? If you receive this award or have been shared with this award you are expected to: 1. Post 11 facts about yourself 2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked to you 3. Tag 11 more bloggers (not having more than 200 followers) and no tagging back 4. Ask 11 questions to them 5. Tell the people who tagged you that you have done the task 11 facts about myself:  1. I am from Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna 2. Yet I do not believe in God, you can say I am kind of atheist 3. I love to

One day I decided to quit...

# Shared Post # One Day I Decided To Quit I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality… I wanted to quit my life. I went to the woods to have one last talk with god “God”, I asked, “Can you give me one good reason not to quit?”. His answer surprised me…  “Look around”, He said. “Do you see the fern and the bamboo ?  “Yes”, I replied.  “When I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds, I took very good care of them. I gave them light. I gave them water. The fern quickly grew from the earth. Its brilliant green covered the floor. Yet nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on the bamboo. In the second year the Fern grew more vibrant and plentiful. And again, nothing came from the bamboo seed. But I did not quit on the bamboo." He said. “In year three there was still nothing from the bamboo seed. But I would not quit. In year four, again, there was nothing from the bamboo seed. I would not quit.”  He said. “Then in the fifth year a tiny sprout emerged

DID IndiBlogger Meet - Women Safety : Jyoti Bane Jwala

Dance India Dance is India’s best dancing show and it has brightened out many of our favorite dancing stars. This time Dance India Dance is coming with “Dance It Out” theme for its next season “Dance India Dance Season 4”. DID with IndiBlogger bring us a wonderful evening “DID IndiBlogger Meet”, as soon as I registered for this meet, I was very excited to attend this. It was my first meet of IndiBlogger and was wow fantastic, experience was just awesome. It was the evening that brought up a great excitement for all NCR bloggers as Dance India Dance came with IndiBlogger. It was warm welcome to all bloggers by organizing committee, there were also some great fun games there for networking purpose; but soon after the main show began, here welcome Master Feroz Khan and Master Muddassar Khan (judges of DID 4). They won our hearts by their splendid performances, and after that they introduced ‘what is it about DID this season. The theme for this season of Dance India Dance is “

Fifteen minutes delayed..

Sitting at the bench Waiting for the train Ears looking for announcement But it is fifteen minutes delayed Those fifteen minutes Too hard to survive Why waiting so boring Especially when you have to see her Yes, she is coming Allahabad Her hometown to meet her parents At the festive of Durgashtami But what am doing there, I asked me I was here to see her, her cute smile Her innocent face after a long while Yet she told me not to come But it was matter to see my love Finally train arrived I started looking for her We met for merely two minutes But those were priceless moments She went to her home soon So I backed to my room Felling free to fly around with love Waiting for such fifteen minutes more to come Dedicated to my friend and his love :) (Sachin)

Fundas of life I have figured out yet

Most of the time whenever I visit and read at web, several people are looking for some success mantras, life fundamentals and such things, I would like to say all of them that this life is yours, make your own fundas for a better life and surely for a better world too. Yet I have figured out my basic ideal quotes for life, I would like to illustrate them here, please have a look. 1) Smooth roads never make good drivers. If you fall, you hurt but it is good; you better try harder because there is no other joy like succeeding after failure. 2) It is very hard to be compatible with both relational life and practical life. It is like a balance, if you press at one, another one automatically started drifting apart from you; as the world is going to be more practical, be with it on the way. 3) Time is an ultimate thing and it is limited. Start changing with the time otherwise time has a superpower to change you drastically. Do whatever you think is best because either you fly or dr

A little boy at eight

अजीब है मंजर इस स्टेशन का न जाने लोग कहाँ को जाते हैं किसकी कहाँ मंज़िल किसका कौन सा रास्ता बस किसी धुन में रमे चले जाते हैं | लाखों हैं यहाँ इंसान , अलग रंग अलग रूप न जाने किस गाड़ी को पकड़ के पाये दिल सुकून शाम का है वक़्त सूरज ढल रहा है कहता सबसे खुश रहो , हम सुबह फिर आते हैं | वो देखो एक नन्हा लड़का उम्र कोई आठ साल तन पर नाम के वस्त्र कहने को कंगाल पर उसकी हिम्मत तो देखो न वो हार मानता है एक किताब फटी लिए हाथ में चाहे चाय बांटता है | पूछा उससे क्या बनना चाहते हो इस जहां में कहा उसने नहीं बनना मुझे इस मतलबी इंसान जैसा घर पर माँ रोटी है अब जहा वो वह मैं कोई खोये चैन कोई गवाए नींद , न जाने क्या पाना चाहते हैं | फिर भी उसकी आँखों में एक सपना दिखता है कुछ सीखने का ख्वाब कितना उसका अपना दिखता है उम्मीद है इस लाखों की भीड़ में न वो खोएगा कह न सका उससे फिर कुछ बस इतना बोल पाया रुकना न कभी राहों में , अब तुमको इस जहां में खुशियाँ बांटता तुमको पाते हैं || (Sachin)

One wrong incident that led to the right

Alok was an ordinary lad of age 11, simple, studious, naughty or whatever you can think of a boy of this age. It was his daily routine to wake up in morning, school classes, homework time, playtime etc. But one day life has planned to give a surprise to him, it was evening play time, he was playing with his friends and younger sister and brother in park, meanwhile children from other colony came there and started to play along with them also. It was not so strange as it happen often, Alok was also busy with playing, suddenly his younger brother started arguing with other guy over some issue of ball, don’t know what, later on turning to be a big quarrel. Alok just took side of his brother as usual, started fighting with that guy seriously. Meanwhile the other boy punched hard him on to face then Alok started punching him hard into his stomach, harder and harder, one shot and the boy was lying on the ground. Alok ran away with his friends and siblings not knowing what had happene

5 most inspiring people I've met in my life

Here I am going to introduce the most inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life, what makes them different? Their perception, skills, nature, consistency or what else… Though it’s very difficult to analyze anyone’s personality, yet I am trying to elaborate their qualities at a single place.  My Grandfather (Nanu): Why nanu? I was grown up watching him helping others without any greed or self-advantage, though he has to suffer it later in his life. Just because in this world people will never care for you according to your need, they just care only up to their needs. The one thing that inspired me about him is his concern for health; he is a yoga master, very disciplined about fitness, so he looks great even in his old age..!! Guru (Manish Agrawal): Oh this guy, I’ve learned a lot from him, the one thing is his nature, his attitude towards concepts, he is so straight forward and has a unique attitude… no matter he has done his homework about problem or not but he always has a bett

Let Me Be..

#Shared Post Credits: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Origin: The Student Prayer by Danah Zohar & Ian Marshall Don’t impose on me what you know; I want to explore the unknown And be the source of my own discoveries Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery The world of your truth can be my limitation; Your wisdom my negation Don’t instruct me; let’s walk together Let my richness begin where yours ends Show me so that I can stand On your shoulders.  Reveal yourself so that I can be Something different You believe that every human being Can love and create I understand, then, your fear When I ask you to live according to your wisdom You will not know who I am By listening to yourself Don’t instruct me; let me be Your failure is that I be identical to you Shared by Planet Scribble ~ Sachin

Chand vs Zindagi

Baitha Hu Chaandani Raat Me Sochta Hu Yahi,  Dekhu Jo Chaand Ko Jo Jaaye Har Kahi; Kehte Hai Ki Ye Mohabbat Ka Aashiyana Hai, Par Paau Khud Ko Kaha, Kya Mera Fasana Hai ? Hote Hai Chaand Me Yu To Daag Kayi, Kya Ishq Ki Bhi Haalat Hai Yahi; Dekha Na Kisi Ne,Chaand Ka Ek Chhor Aur Bhi Hai, Kya Pata Le Jaaye Kaha, Abhi Zindagi Aur Bhi Hai..!!   ( Sachin)

Another year gone..!!

So 2012 gone.. full of frustration.. any ways everybody is wishing me 2013, i replied them too.. but for me it just like other day.. people are planning for their resolutions, taking new decisions lot's of newness in the environment, so should I also have to take a resolution, what to, nothing will be complete, as I am not so responsible for that..  Just looking forward to days ahead, whatever they be that's totally fine.. and that so, how could be a whole year is happy, might it be a day week or month but a whole year, how could it be.. Anyways let's welcome 2013 hope it will bring some joy and happiness.. I am looking forward to it.. Na jane kyu fir se wahi din wapas paane ko jee chahta hai.. Mummy mujhe daat ke padhane bithaye fir se yahi jee chahta hai.. Papa samjhe abhi chhota huu bada nahi huya fir se wo aashiya paane ko jee chahta hai.. Iss naye saal me kuchh aur mushkilein paane ko jee chahta hai.. bas jee chahta hai...!! (Sachin)