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I Hate Number Two

Number 2 or position second only means compromise and compromising is the thing that doesn’t suit virtue. According to our so called ethical value system, our main purpose should be of performing, not where we will reach (as also called we should only believe in our karma). Yet it is a kind of way how one should be satisfied with his status after knowing that someone has went past ahead of him. But truth lies somewhere else, it brings a feeling of compromise in the competitor and he starts losing his focus. As filmed in movie “3 Idiots”, it is true that most of people don’t remember the person who stepped second on moon or the person who is commanding the Apollo mission and only revolved around the moon, did not land on moon. According to them, they did their job at best that time; but on a larger scale of time, people only remember Neil Armstrong because he was the first one. Yet it is called so unrealistic if I would say that everyone should approach for the number 1 as everyo

Taste of Failure

Quite boring topic, isn't it? Well for me, sure… Then what the urge to write about failure, hmm don't know exactly but I am feeling a bit low today and I want to scribble something and the thing strike this devil mind is "The taste of failure"  Why failure has a taste though, why it is not just come and go, why it has to be dilute into the nerves of person; but no its the superpower of failure that it will not leave you so soon, it will make you feel low, feel guilt and moreover it will mark a question on you and your esteem and what you can do that moment, just go straight along the path not knowing where. How does it feel when you have left behind by miles when other drifted apart; how does it all take to face that person who suggested you earlier and now if you face them, they feel it is their mandatory right to lecture you about their future vision and your responsibilities; how does it seems hard to tell your parents that you are faile