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One wrong incident that led to the right

Alok was an ordinary lad of age 11, simple, studious, naughty or whatever you can think of a boy of this age. It was his daily routine to wake up in morning, school classes, homework time, playtime etc. But one day life has planned to give a surprise to him, it was evening play time, he was playing with his friends and younger sister and brother in park, meanwhile children from other colony came there and started to play along with them also. It was not so strange as it happen often, Alok was also busy with playing, suddenly his younger brother started arguing with other guy over some issue of ball, don’t know what, later on turning to be a big quarrel. Alok just took side of his brother as usual, started fighting with that guy seriously. Meanwhile the other boy punched hard him on to face then Alok started punching him hard into his stomach, harder and harder, one shot and the boy was lying on the ground. Alok ran away with his friends and siblings not knowing what had happene