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A full black out night exploring sky..

I was about to off to bed after watching IPL game between Royal Challengers and Kings XI, as I support RCB it was not less than a nightmare and suddenly electricity went... Agghhh so I decided to go up on terrace and have some cool air, I did my bed with mat and a pillow on floor and laid down watching towards sky.

It was half-moon bright in the western southern sky, possibly a ninth day towards Full Moon. Countless stars were twinkling some were faded by moonlight and the others who were in opposite direction displaying their brightness with full dignity. I was just watching and there were millions of thoughts scrolling in my mind like these stars, I just stargazed and thought don’t know what and I even didn’t remember when I fell asleep.

It was about 4 in the morning, I felt need of water so I rushed down to get a bottle, no electricity till now so I went back to terrace and laid down again and started my job of overnight.. Stargazing. Now it’s completely dark and clean sky as moon h…