One wrong incident that led to the right

Alok was an ordinary lad of age 11, simple, studious, naughty or whatever you can think of a boy of this age. It was his daily routine to wake up in morning, school classes, homework time, playtime etc. But one day life has planned to give a surprise to him, it was evening play time, he was playing with his friends and younger sister and brother in park, meanwhile children from other colony came there and started to play along with them also.

It was not so strange as it happen often, Alok was also busy with playing, suddenly his younger brother started arguing with other guy over some issue of ball, don’t know what, later on turning to be a big quarrel. Alok just took side of his brother as usual, started fighting with that guy seriously. Meanwhile the other boy punched hard him on to face then Alok started punching him hard into his stomach, harder and harder, one shot and the boy was lying on the ground.

Alok ran away with his friends and siblings not knowing what had happened to that boy. The day went then another one and then another one, but after that day when he returned from school; he saw some uncle and aunty talking with his parents. They call Alok where he came to know that those uncle and aunty were parents of that boy to which he fought in the park three days ago, they were asking his parents to do keep him under discipline and manners, why should he fought with him and so many reasons enough to feel guilt for his parents and yes him also. After so much scolding they went to their home, later on it was Papa’s turn to start, he scold, beat and then told him to do whatever they say.

After this round of punishment, Mummy told Alok that this is not the only reason to scold him, the boy who was beaten by him was a severe patient of appendix and those punches caused the disease more severe. The boy has gone under two surgeries in these three days and still in a critical condition.

Everybody from Alok’s home visit the boy in hospital and talk to their parents asking about his condition, but the boy who was all the reason behind this was at home, alone, reviving the day which he fought with the boy, what if he didn’t fight, what if he tried to understand the situation first and the reacted, what if what if what if. There were so many thoughts coming in his mind bad and good but one thing is for sure that he has found a space in his heart for guilt, yes you heard right, after so much happenings he found himself guilty. He started consider himself a bad boy which force another boy of just his age into the accounts of death.

From now his daily schedule goes on but there were no Alok in those, he started to love being alone, it’s been a while for people to see him in the playground. He just started to be studious or must say be serious but in what respect, don’t know. Then the day came when the boy discharged from the hospital and in pretty well condition. Alok went to greet him to his home; he welcomed him well and when they went to his room, Alok told him that he felt sorry about that incident but the boy said “No problem buddy, its fine and there is no need to feel sorry about that.” That sentence made him feel relaxed and he asked him to be friends. “We are” he said.

That was the small incident which Alok could not forget till day. At present day Alok and Sumit (the boy who was hospitalized) are best buddies. Sumit is very good at his health now, but that small incident changed Alok in a different way. From that day he never fought with anyone neither over little issues nor big ones; he started to take life more friendly, more kindly with more integrity. He started to think twice before react, he wants to live in more friendly environment, doesn’t want to be cause of anyone hurting. That’s the simple confrontation which changed him.

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