DID IndiBlogger Meet - Women Safety : Jyoti Bane Jwala

Dance India Dance is India’s best dancing show and it has brightened out many of our favorite dancing stars. This time Dance India Dance is coming with “Dance It Out” theme for its next season “Dance India Dance Season 4”. DID with IndiBlogger bring us a wonderful evening “DID IndiBlogger Meet”, as soon as I registered for this meet, I was very excited to attend this.

It was my first meet of IndiBlogger and was wow fantastic, experience was just awesome. It was the evening that brought up a great excitement for all NCR bloggers as Dance India Dance came with IndiBlogger.

It was warm welcome to all bloggers by organizing committee, there were also some great fun games there for networking purpose; but soon after the main show began, here welcome Master Feroz Khan and Master Muddassar Khan (judges of DID 4). They won our hearts by their splendid performances, and after that they introduced ‘what is it about DID this season.

The theme for this season of Dance India Dance is “Dance It Out” for anything you feel about, if you are happy then feel free to dance with your happiness, if you’re sad show your emotions through dance, want to communicate folks and give a message about any issue, just dance it out.

After this wonderful introduction to this season of DID, both the masters organized a beautiful task, Dance it out for any cause you want to support, they invited all the bloggers to this, asked us to be grouped as per our supporting cause. There were around 6-7 teams and everyone danced it out for their cause. Every team did a splendid dance act and supported their cause like Child education, Respect for soldiers, Women Safety etc.

I danced it out for “Women Safety” with my team, our theme was entitled “Jyoti Bani Jwala”, we received great warmth and feedback from masters. It was amazingly wonderful to win group dance act for Jyoti Bani Jwala, I would like to thank Zee, DID, IndiBlogger and every other fellow to give me these wonderful moments. Overall it was a wow evening for me.

Now as per my theme, I would like to dance it out for “Women Safety”, I think this is the subject who challenge all of us as human beings, it ask about our humanity, how we treat our angels, the girls? I would like to scribble a little poem on Women Safety entitled “Jyoti Bani Jwala”, please have a look:

नन्ही सी परी मैं
खुशी किसी के आँगन की
इठलाती मचलाती
जो चाहे करती अपने मन की

कितने सुंदर सपने मेरे
छूना है आसमान
क्या पता था कि घात लगाए
बैठा होगा कोई शैतान

डराया धमकाया
खूब सारा ज़ोर लगाया
हाथ न आई उसके जब
उसने अपना रंग दिखाया

कर दिया मुझको बदनाम
दिया वारदात को अंजाम
मदद को न आया कोई
अकेले लड़ना है संग्राम

दोस्तो का भी साथ छूटा
घर बार से नाता टूटा
रह गयी अकेली इस भीड़ में
जिसने जैसा चाहा वैसा लूटा

कैसा है ये इंसाफ कहाँ का
आबरू को मेरी, देह से जोड़ा जाता
हाथ सहारे का न एक भी
उल्टा मुझे दोषी ठहराया जाता

घर से निकालने पर पाबंदी
जैसे हर कोई रूठ गया है
लगता न कुछ यहाँ अच्छा
मुझसे मेरा कुछ जैसे छूट गया है

पर बन के मशाल अब जलना होगा
अकेले इस राह पर चलना होगा
बननी है मुझे खुद अपनी मिसाल
अब इस ज्योति को ज्वाला बनना होगा ||

Is the virtue of girls only related to their body, aren't they anyone, what about their dignity, self confidence... everything went with an incident for which she is not responsible, big question to all of us?

This was a post for #DanceItOut for Women Safety, "Dance it out" an initiative by ZeeTv Dance India Dance ZeeTvIndia

Thankyou very much IndiBlogger, Dance India Dance and ZeeTV for making this post into a wonderful prize of Logitech Boombox, I am feeling really privileged and blessed. Thankyou everyone out there for supporting me.



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