Nokia IndiBlogger meet: Your Wish My App Season 2

I was so excited to attend the event as soon as I registered for this one; this was my second bloggers meet and first to a kind of technology based. I was expecting a super fun evening with lots of innovation and it came with none less than what I expected. The show began with an introductory presentation which illustrates what Indians are actually capable of, wonderful app ideas and Nokia making them into reality.

Thoughts turning into reality?

As an engineering student with computer science, I thought most of the ideas will be only about system navigation, application interface and social networking blah blah blah, but the ideas proved me wrong. As the name suggests “Your Wish My App” whatever comes to your mind or whatever you need will be converted into reality. Nokia representatives described the importance of innovative thoughts of Indians and what could we achieve together. I was just shocked by the responsive success of “Your Wish My App Season-1” held at Bangalore, there were so many innovative ideas from Indian public doesn’t matter what the age group is and most of them are reality now.

The Terrific Trio

I was also excited to attend this event as the host for this night was the terrific trio: The gadget guru Mr. Rajiv Makhni, Hottest master chef in the world Mr. Vikas Khanna and legend of the gaming world Mr. Vishal Gondal. They stole the show by their light heartening jokes at the stage and displayed very kind nature to all the audiences. There were small fun games and activities which results into innovative outputs from audiences. There were some amazing app ideas came from bloggers specially kids which I really liked:

The Donator App: It helps raising funds from pan India and help these funds to the needy ones like riot victims, drought and flood victims etc.

The Cultural Saver: Most of us really don’t know how to really celebrate festivals into our traditional style, especially when we are outside India then it convey information to us and we really know how to use Desi and live Desi. 

The function and the food 

It was a wow evening as there was so much fun and so much to learn around. The IndiBlogger team managed very well such a heavily crowded function, as this time there were around 300+ bloggers out there. And who doesn’t love food especially when you are hanging around world’s one of the best chefs, it was food full of taste and gossip and it always great to meet fellow bloggers.

One thing I would really like to say to IndiBlogger team which almost every other blogger also want to say is about the timing which seems really odd; but this time you guys done really well with the Indibuses, thumbs up for that :)

My App Idea: Voice text converter and sharer 

I know it’s a bit of system thing but why we don’t have it into mobiles as the current generation mostly turning towards mobile devices. We all know there are different application interfaces which can convert our voice accent into text at desktop version and we use such text wherever we want.
As a computer science student, the field of Human Computer Interaction always fascinates me and I am really a fan of sci-fi type movies. Like Jarvis in Iron-Man series where Tony has a wow interface to use his system commanding by his voice. As now days there is lots of research ongoing on voice commanding like as Google glasses, I think it’s a kind of idea of which we can think about. 

Application interface: This app able to recognize human voice and converts into text and provides an environment where we can use that over social media or over blog or wherever we use to want. As a person I always think it’s easier to tell than type, so why we can’t make my mobile my friend and tell it the damn thing going in my mind and then share it actually with friends. 

"Hey friends, I’m going to outing to the farthest areas of Rajasthan for exploring."

How about it if I just tell this to my device and over one or two swipes it just spread over the network rather than log in then type then share. Sometimes there is lot to say but not lot to type, that time this application boost the confidence of the user. 

Scope: We can design and configure this app to be used for different languages and different accents. Later it can also encourage lip detection, blink detection into the field of Human-computer interaction which can also be helpful to the people with disabilities. It also enhances the interest of the world towards investing research based technology and proves a worth of India in front of the world. 

In the end

In the end I would just like to say this evening was wow and I can’t explain it into words yet I did. Goosebumps moments were to meet Mr. Vishal Gondal as he is a well known name in the geek world. 
This post was a memoir of Nokia IndiBlogger meet: Your Wish My App Season 2 held at The Oberoi, Delhi. #YWMA



  1. Nice post! Yes the event was great.Your idea of voice converter app looks apt! All the best for the contest Sachin:-)

  2. Great meet as always... u have captured it well with pictures...
    App idea looks interesting.

  3. Nice! You can also read my blog post "Your wish is my App II: Nokia plays Santa at the year's first IndiBlogger meet" at

    1. nice relavant analysis Rahul and your idea is really good and appreciable :)

  4. Just, I would like to say "Wow" for your lovely post. Well written Sachin keep it up.


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