A full black out night exploring sky..

I was about to off to bed after watching IPL game between Royal Challengers and Kings XI, as I support RCB it was not less than a nightmare and suddenly electricity went... Agghhh so I decided to go up on terrace and have some cool air, I did my bed with mat and a pillow on floor and laid down watching towards sky.

It was half-moon bright in the western southern sky, possibly a ninth day towards Full Moon. Countless stars were twinkling some were faded by moonlight and the others who were in opposite direction displaying their brightness with full dignity. I was just watching and there were millions of thoughts scrolling in my mind like these stars, I just stargazed and thought don’t know what and I even didn’t remember when I fell asleep.

It was about 4 in the morning, I felt need of water so I rushed down to get a bottle, no electricity till now so I went back to terrace and laid down again and started my job of overnight.. Stargazing. Now it’s completely dark and clean sky as moon has already been set and obviously no electricity hence city is almost black, so stars seems more bright and twinkling; overall it was a treat to eyes to experience a total clean sky with billions of stars twinkling and no noise in surroundings, it felt like complete silence.

As the time went by, that moment also started to diminish but there I did not want this moment to let go, I wanted to feel it in the maximum way; I looked here and there in whole sky identifying and counting stars. Suddenly I stopped in eastern southern sky, there was a brighter and larger star than others and I thought it is about to morning dawn now then how such a brighter star could be there this time, this must be a planet; it must be Mercury or Venus who is sparkling this time. Night started to fly with speed and I just behold the sky, slowly slowly the morning rays spread over the horizon and now there were no more stars, the beautiful night went past. Its dawn now and sun is all ready to enlighten the world, the noise is now decomposing into the environment and I am here staying idle drowning in thoughts.



  1. Sometimes having no electricity works wonders when it comes to discovering the infinite wonders of nature, isn't that so? Nicely written! We once had a major power failure here after a cyclone, and had no power for 13 days. Sleeping under the stars on the roof was the best blessing in disguise for me :)

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

    1. yes beloo, stargazing gives an ultimate satisfaction in term of stress :)

  2. I always love stargazing but unfortunately my city is polluted enough to not let me see the stars at nigh :(

    1. that's so sad pankti, but somewhere we are the reason for this, so only we can bring the change to atmosphere :)


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