I Hate Number Two

Number 2 or position second only means compromise and compromising is the thing that doesn’t suit virtue. According to our so called ethical value system, our main purpose should be of performing, not where we will reach (as also called we should only believe in our karma). Yet it is a kind of way how one should be satisfied with his status after knowing that someone has went past ahead of him. But truth lies somewhere else, it brings a feeling of compromise in the competitor and he starts losing his focus.

As filmed in movie “3 Idiots”, it is true that most of people don’t remember the person who stepped second on moon or the person who is commanding the Apollo mission and only revolved around the moon, did not land on moon. According to them, they did their job at best that time; but on a larger scale of time, people only remember Neil Armstrong because he was the first one.

Yet it is called so unrealistic if I would say that everyone should approach for the number 1 as everyone can’t be first but what if we already drop our guns knowing only one person can become first, then the competition is over that’s it. My purpose here relies on both sessions, before the competition and after the results. 

Before the competition: number 1 means dedication + aggression, I think both are required, either one is not enough.
After the results: number 1 means virtue, it brings exhaustion for the ones who could not make it, so they have to be ready for one another contest named: facing humiliation. 

And not giving up is the thing that makes a true number one... as everyone knows, in a game of boxing, the winner is not decided upon how many hits done by a player, the winner is who doesn’t give up and stand back till the end. So, my point is here that we should have an approach that we hate number 2 as we have to become first, it raise dedication and aggression inside us which will boost us to make achieve harder things of which we are capable.

Recently I read a post “Being First” by a fellow blogger Anita, it was a wow article and it will strike you thinking how the face of being first is in India. It tells you as a society or as a parent we should change our perspective to see the topper and non topper. It also made me think and inspires to write a post over this topic, so here I approached from the view of a competitor and tried a little bit. 

After the results, one word also came in mind of competitors… “Kaash”. Kaash I tried a little bit harder, Kaash some more time I could have to prepare extra; so this word Kaash is not the one which suits a character of participant, it does not let us free totally and do our best. It binds us into multiple loops of rope and doesn’t let come out of it. So the word Kaash doesn’t match with my characteristics hence I Hate Number 2. © Planet Scribble ~ Sachin



  1. agree
    a liitle bit fster crawl n damn !

    1. oh! very thanks zooni for reading and appreciating..!

  2. Thanks Sachin for the mention :) Felling great :)
    Great that my Post inspired you! We can write many Posts on the attitude & feelings associated with #1 :)
    Number 1 is a much-sought-after spot! :)

    1. First of all very thanks Anita for reading and commenting, yes the topic is about so much to discuss.!!


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