Taste of Failure

Quite boring topic, isn't it? Well for me, sure… Then what the urge to write about failure, hmm don't know exactly but I am feeling a bit low today and I want to scribble something and the thing strike this devil mind is "The taste of failure" 

Why failure has a taste though, why it is not just come and go, why it has to be dilute into the nerves of person; but no its the superpower of failure that it will not leave you so soon, it will make you feel low, feel guilt and moreover it will mark a question on you and your esteem and what you can do that moment, just go straight along the path not knowing where.

How does it feel when you have left behind by miles when other drifted apart; how does it all take to face that person who suggested you earlier and now if you face them, they feel it is their mandatory right to lecture you about their future vision and your responsibilities; how does it seems hard to tell your parents that you are failed again but want to stick to your decision just because you have an unbreakable urge to that attachment and you can just see their half trust and half disappointment on you.

You just get up in early morning dawn, watching birds waking up and being ready for their journey of miles, you witness the spray of reddish yellow bright sunlight over black night around the whole sky and it gives you another ultimate hope to get back and tie you shoes to the fight for your virtue. But whenever you returned to your life after morning sunbath where do you find yourself, again in the pit of hollowness, the building of failure keeps you lock inside and you just try hard and harder to be out but you just can't and when you're able to, the hope of light faded away and a long black night full of scary dreams waiting for you.

Somewhere read that it is most necessary ingredient of dish which we called 'Success' although you have mixed up other ingredients like hard work, confidence, discipline etc… It won't taste better; it will feed you up but you will not satisfy. What does failure have which make success complete? The answer is having confidence to take risk.

Failure gives you confidence to take risk in your life; you will have confidence that if you fall you will be get back. You will have courage to fight all the night and be ready to welcome the happiness of great morning and sunlight will spread away all over the sky, there will be no more dark clouds... Although that black night will come again but you now have that inner light which will enlighten your path.

Quoted "Sometimes we face every sip of a sour coffee and we will face it till last sip and then what we find, sugar which will make the full taste sweet and just sweet. That's life."



  1. Very rightly put, Sachin.
    Failures are the stepping stones to success. May we all attain success.

    1. Thanks for reading and appreciation anita :)
      Yes, failures are the stepping stones to success and it depend on us what we make of them, a wall or a bridge :)

  2. Failure is a better experience than the success ! nicely written !

    1. Thanks for reading and feedback paresh :)
      Yes, the experience of failure is that light which will brighten our path :)

  3. Like your coffee quote. Truly, failure is the stepping stone to success


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