Review: The One You Cannot Have

Yesterday I completed latest novel "The One You Cannot Have" by +Preeti Shenoy , yet I ordered it a little bit late but I was lucky enough to have author signed copy; I completed the whole in three or four sittings only despite having a busy schedule. This book have something which revolves around feeling engaged with urgh to having one again in your life which you cannot have. 

This is story of Aman and Shruti, once they were madly in love with each other, they meant the whole world to each other, yet their life goes on different paths, yet after two years they find the pain in their heart of not having with one another. Shruti was married to Rishabh according to the will of her parents, who is a nice guy; circumstances changes and they both find their marriage at the verge of an end. On other hand, Aman engaged himself into excessive workload trying to forget Shruti, yet he is not capable of that; returned to India and met Anjali who make him laugh once again yet not upto the mark because memories of Shruti still haunt him. Now what make Shruti to contact Aman? What Aman will do, to stay with Anjali or get back to Shruti. A better ocean of feelings of hurting and then healing up. In the end, Aman made all sort out with his intelligence and little bit of sacrifice which led all their lives into the best possible way.

I find it bit of interesting as if you are in mid twenties or thrities, there are mostly chances that you were in love with someone or one you cannot have, yet life goes on. What to do just make up your mid, practice it to be free, laugh as much you can and certainly time will sort out everything. Yet this story challenge us some questions as a society: 
Do women must not have their own will in which manner they want to lead their life? 
Do parents should force anything to their child just for their status of society which might be cost to their child's happiness especially "mere mummy papa ne mujhse kabhi kuchh nahi maanga aur ab unki sirf itni si ichha hai ki mein unki marji se shaadi karu" why their only will comes at the time of their child's marriage?
Everyone has a past, is it not to forget all that things and let someone lead a new starting, why just we do remind what they have done in the past?
Is it okay to blame your partner to just not to be with you, to leave you alone forever; it might be some circumstances he/she can't share with you, you are not the only one around whom their life revolve, yes you are the most important but atleast some others too and it might be they have to leave you for them, for their happiness, for their will, they sacrifice you and somewhee theirselves too, if you have faith in your love and your partner then it is not okay to blame them, respect their decision and move on.

Overall it was good story and you will find it interesting if you have also that one you can not have in your life, you will feel the pain of having not one in your life, how does it all take to heal up with the time and out of the blue what life has for us, life always finds several ways to make you stronger, happier and a better person. My ratings to book is 3.5 out 5 stars.



  1. I have read only one Preeti Shenoy book and was totally disappointed by it ( But this one sounds interesting (I am not sure if the book is actually good, or your review makes it sound good :D) Might check it out!

    1. well, I didn't read "tea for two and a piece of cake" so i cant say about it... I have read "Life is what you make it" which I found above good as it connects to my life somewhere and "The Secret Wish List" which is just as average.
      This one TOUCH is good as compared to other ones by Preeti.

  2. Sounds interesting......... but lil bit filmy touch I think

    1. you might say somewhere, but surely it's end is not filmy, it lead to a realistic and possible way.


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