Another year gone..!!

So 2012 gone.. full of frustration.. any ways everybody is wishing me 2013, i replied them too.. but for me it just like other day.. people are planning for their resolutions, taking new decisions lot's of newness in the environment, so should I also have to take a resolution, what to, nothing will be complete, as I am not so responsible for that.. 

Just looking forward to days ahead, whatever they be that's totally fine.. and that so, how could be a whole year is happy, might it be a day week or month but a whole year, how could it be.. Anyways let's welcome 2013 hope it will bring some joy and happiness.. I am looking forward to it..

Na jane kyu fir se wahi din wapas paane ko jee chahta hai..
Mummy mujhe daat ke padhane bithaye fir se yahi jee chahta hai..
Papa samjhe abhi chhota huu bada nahi huya fir se wo aashiya paane ko jee chahta hai..
Iss naye saal me kuchh aur mushkilein paane ko jee chahta hai.. bas jee chahta hai...!!



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