A few dew droplets...

Sometimes whenever I
Look back at the portraits
That past has scribbled
Earlier into my life

Look at that cycle
I used to have one
My only property then
Here I go there I come

How could I forget
My first video game
The joy of playing with
Will never be the same

Don’t know where I
Lost my first notepad
I wrote everything
Funny, happy or sad

For saying these were
My mere childhood assets
But they refresh me like
Morning dew droplets…!!



  1. Childhood days are indeed most lovely,memorable and missed days in one's life..

    1. Yes harsha... childhood days were d best ones... :(

  2. I love the last two lines most " But they refresh me like... Morning dew droplets..".

    1. very thanx ma'am :) yes they refresh me like morning dew droplets.. keep visiting planet scribble... :)


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