The end of an era, Thankyou Sachin, We'll miss you :'(

The joy of Cricket died today inside me as the Master said goodbye to 22 yard pitch. Well it was a wonderful journey and we all know that, but one thing is for sure, he was a complete role model to me, great and humble person and the way he gave us so much happiness, we just can say “Thank You Sachin”

As a little tribute I would like to dedicate a little scribble for him

“He is just like a morning walk for me, whenever I see him batting, I always wanted that shot in my batting too or I would be thinking what should be the bowl that will miss this charismatic shot, his inning just not make me wonder and happy but also encouraging me to think deeply about my Cricket. Once Sachin said that Cricket is like oxygen for him, well he was the oxygen of cricket. Some might be thinking what so great about him he is just a sportsperson, so many of others are also there who are equally or greater ambassador of their game, but this guy was really able to stop India when he was batting. He had just not raised so many youngsters to work hard but also represented himself as a great person and a good human being first. The way he treated with juniors or other staff was just incredible.
After my 12th when I came to a larger note on life in engineering, everything was so just new for me; it took around two years to me settle down in a bigger platform of life where there is no home. Sometime I was feeling quite low or was like nothing was going on my mind… One thing I was usually doing to go to nearby park and quietly watching small children playing… that was the moment which gave me a little bit of satisfaction… well due to busy schedules that time was very tiny approx 20 to 30 minutes but that moment took away all my frustration for the day.

Now I’m at home presently and at evening daily I generally go to playground and play with very younger kids than me, people generally ask you are so old to play now, I tell them this hour I came here to live again, to breathe again, to be relax, away from all my personal and professional life… and this is the effect of Sachinmania.. This is the effect of Sachin, now a day’s Cricket giving me so much relaxation from outside the world, the one and only reason Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.”

In the end I would like to share the words of Master to his retirement which made all of us cry:

"Friends please settle down, I'll get more emotional! It's hard to believe my wonderful journey is coming to an end. I've a list of names to thank. The first is my father, who passed away in 1999. Without his guidance I wouldn't be standing in front of you. He said 'chase your dreams, don't give up, the path will be difficult.' I miss him today. My mom, I don't know how she managed a naughty child like me. She just prayed and prayed from the day I started playing the game. For four years I stayed with my uncle and aunt when in school, they treated me like their own son. My eldest brother Nitin doesn't like to talk, much but he said, whatever you do, I know you will give 100%. My first cricket bat was presented to me by my sister Savita. She still continues to fast while I bat. Ajit my brother - We have lived this dream together, he sacrificed his career for me, he took me to Achrekar sir first. Even last night he called me to discuss my dismissal. Even when I'm not playing we will still be discussing technique. If that hadn't happened, I would have been a lesser cricketer.

The most beautiful thing happened to me when I met Anjali in 1990. I know that being a doctor there was a big career in front of her. But she decides that I should continue playing and she took care of the children. Thanks for bearing with me for all the nonsense I've said (Anjali wipes tears). Then the two precious diamonds of my life Sara and Arjun, I've missed out on several birthdays, holidays. I know for 14-16 years I've not spent enough time with you. But I promise you I will spend the next 16. "My in-laws - I've discussed several things with them. The most important thing they did was allow me to marry Anjali. In the last 24 years my friends have made terrific contributions. They have been with me while I was stressed. They have been with me even at 3am when I was injured. Thanks for being there for me.

My career started when I was 11. I was extremely delighted to see Achrekar sir in the stands. I used to ride on his scooter and play two matches a day. Sir took me along to make sure I played. On a lighter note, Sir never said 'well played' because he didn't want me to be complacent. You can push your luck now, Sir, since I'm not playing cricket anymore. I started my career here in Mumbai. I remember landing from NZ at 4am and playing a Ranji game the next day. The BCCI was fantastic from my debut. Thanks to the selectors. You were right with me making sure my treatment was taken care of.

Thanks to all the senior cricketers who have played with me. We see on the screen Rahul, VVS, Sourav and well Anil who is not here. All the coaches, I know when MS presented the 200th Test cap, I had a message to the team - I said we are all so proud to be representing the nation. I hope to continue to serve the nation with dignity. I have full faith that you will serve the country in the right spirit. I will be failing in my duty if I didn't thank the doctors who have kept me fit, cured the injuries I have suffered. They have treated me in odd hours. My dear friend the late Mark Mascarenhas, I miss him. My current management team WSG, for continuing what Mark has done. Someone who has worked closely with me for 14 years is my friend Vinay Nayudu. "The media has backed me a lot, since my school days. Even today, Thank you, Thanks to the photographers for capturing those moments. I know my speech has become long. I want to thank people who have flown in from different parts of the world. I want to thank my fans from the bottom of my heart. "Sachin, Sachin" will reverberate in my years till I stop breathing."



  1. Indeed and Era Ends..Cricket will be there..But there will be no another SACHIN.. :(
    We Will Miss You Sachin.. :(

  2. Yes harsha... that straight drive and upper cut... leg glance and beautiful cover driven shot.... :( :'(

  3. We will Miss you little Master Blaster : Sachin Tendulkar

  4. So many Sachin posts and still the charm to read more of them doesn't end :D


  5. I totally agree with you Richa.. the charm doesn't end... like hiis batting now his speech his talk, how many time watch or read, equally exciting all time :)

  6. Very Nice Post Sachin.
    Sachin's Feelings For Sachin.

    1. thanx sir... yeah Sachin is inside this sachin...


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