My first Liebster award

This is my first liebster award which +Karanvir Kour (K2) has shared with me, thanks a lot Karan to give me this opportunity by which I can connect to many new bloggers and as well as can know my fellow bloggers more. 

What is Liebster award?

Liebster award is set to be given to new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is an appreciation by fellow bloggers and a great chance to introduce you to other awesome bloggers.

What are expectations from you when you’re shared with award?

If you receive this award or have been shared with this award you are expected to: 1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked to you
3. Tag 11 more bloggers (not having more than 200 followers) and no tagging back
4. Ask 11 questions to them
5. Tell the people who tagged you that you have done the task

11 facts about myself: 

1. I am from Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna
2. Yet I do not believe in God, you can say I am kind of atheist
3. I love to play, watch and talk Cricket
4. My name has been placed on the name of great Sachin Tendulkar
5. I like to do reading and writing as my favorite time pass at home
6. Science attracts me with its facts especially I love Astronomy
7. Kind of introvert
8. Lazy one (I think a lot of sometimes)
9. Want to travel many places as could be possible specially places spreading nature
10. Aaloo ke parathe is the thing by which I can survive my whole life without complaining
11. Sometimes I am quite fascinated by things and I go crazy for them for a while like I have to do dance or I have to learn scatting, but after sometime I dropped by laziness.

Questions asked by Karanvir Kour

1. Why blog?
Blogging is the ultimate way to send your writings over many people as you want it to be, writing gives me an ultimate introduction to myself.
2. One craziest thing I did at school?
Bunked classes to play Cricket even one month before board examinations.
 3. Scariest dream which haunt me every day?
Hmm... Safety of my parents specially… I am kind of homesick guy.
4. If I get one wish that will be fulfilled by God, what it would be?
Ahhh, I would definitely ask for removing all the fear and hatred caused by him, the great GOD
5. My favorite food?
As above mentioned, Aaloo ke parathe
6. My expectations from Indian government?
None, they have their works to do and I have mine.
7. Most important person in my life? My mother no doubt.
8. Three things I can’t live without? Air, Water and Earth, just joking… well Internet, Cricket and Food.
9. My favorite blog?
The one which really inspired to write short stories… GB Land by +Ganga Bharani.
10. Do I believe in ghost and spirits?
No, if they are, then I would feel privileged to meet any of them.
11. Do I think blogging can change anything?
Yes, it has created platform for everyone specially who cannot show their writings or their love about anything, they just can share here.

I would like to represent and share this award to the fellow bloggers:

I would like to ask these questions from my fellow bloggers:

1. Since how long you have been blogging?
2. What does Blogging means to you?
3. Your hobby especially for which you are most crazy?
4. Your idol and in what reference he inspired you?
5. One sweet childhood moment you want to share?
6. In childhood what was your dream to become and what is your profession now?
7. If you have one chance to leave your current profession then what you want to become now and why?
8. One thing you most loved about your native place (except your home and friends here), it should be like whenever you go there you want to do (like mujhe Mathura me Yamuna kinare baith kar pathar pani me phekna bada achha lagta hai)
9. What is your favorite genre of movies (science fiction, love story, comedy, action, drama etc?)
10. Your favorite book and why?
11. The one dream which you want to be happen true?

Thank you guys for giving your time, waiting for your reply..!!



  1. I loved your replies Sachin....... :D

  2. reminded me of when I got my 1st Libster and I got as excited as you you are. !

  3. thanks for reading.. yeah it's really special to get this and even more special to answer the questions and got a chance to ask my fellow bloggers

  4. Great Dear !!! may God Gives u all the awards a blogger can have ...!!

  5. thanx anant :) yes it is just a start :) long way to go :)

  6. thanks a lot jahid :) keep visiting planet scribble :)

  7. Sachin, thanks..

  8. thanks for reply Sandip.. it was a wow post for me :)

  9. Congrats Sachin..Way to Go.. :D

  10. Thanks for sharing your award with me.

    1. very thanks for reading this, we hope you forward this liebster award to other fellow bloggers also... keep visiting planet scribble :)


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